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The garden of love is full of mysteries

Even when you are in a pit one can still dream. Hitting some rough times right now. A friend from Los Angeles passed away the other day. He was only 42. He was incredibly sweet guy. When he came over to our apartment building to visit his girl friend my kids would beg to play with him. He was someone who I could trust with my kids. He didn’t;t tell anyone he was sick. It has me spinning. Then other friends of mine baby is in the hospital. It can’t eat. They have her on an IV. So scary. I’m praying for them. I hate seeing children sick. My problems right now seem so small.

I have thought about selling my car and moving back to California. I know the kids need to finish school. We a half way through the school year. It will be over before I know it. I have a wife that loves me. My kids love me. We are all in good health. I just need to make a few bucks. I have the important things. I keep dreaming. I know that sounds stupid. But dreams have taken care of me for 19 years. Dreams and love can make so many things happen. One foot in front of another. Finish those projects. Time to make some money.

I was so bummed out today my daughter drew this picture of a monkey painting a heart. Enjoy.

love, monkey, a monkey painting

A monkey painting a heart.

Show love. Draw a heart.