for loving not crying

These eyes were meant for loving not crying

Feeling bummed out. My gofundme campaign has got a whooping 10 dollars in the 24 hours it’s been up. I know it was posted on New Years day but still bummed. I was hoping for a little bit of traction. The good news is tomorrow the whole family is going to New York for a commercial audition. It’s a big opportunity for us. It could be an amazing year if we get it. Hoping all goes well. You never know. I keep hustling. I keep working. Sooner or later something will work out. Until then I have the love and support of my family. Tomorrow is one of those days we will remember for a lifetime. We are even taking my nephew with us. He is 19 and never been to the city. It should be fun for him also. I want him to see that you can make dreams a reality. I will keep loving. I will keep dreaming. Some day I will take a nap in the stars.

Draw a heart. Show love.