love, heart

Everything is collapsing but our love.

It’s game seven of the World series tonight. Having lived in Chicago for a number of years I am rooting for the Cubs. Tonight is also The CMA awards. It’s the 50 year anniversary. The line up is insane. The first eight minutes is suppose to be one of the greatest in history. Not to mention we would love to catch up on the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead got me thinking about life and death. That is what inspired today’s piece for I think The Walking Dead is about love and faith. Much like Harry Potter was all about overcoming death. I think Walking Dead is about our faith in humanity. No matter how bad things are we can’t give up on this world. We can’t give up on our fellow human beings. We are in this all together for better or worse. In the end will the group triumph over all the evil that is being doled out. I have hope Rick will make it all the way. The group will find peace. I like to think I would be in Rick’s group. I have a lot of skills. I believe in love. Would I make it all the way? I know I would do anything for my family. Though most likely I would be eaten by zombies. Hope in the day. Hope in mankind. The cubs will win the World series. Rick’s group will ¬†find a oasis. Here is tomorrow full of love.

Show love. Draw a heart.