love poem art

the sun punched the moon
the stars tried to
crush me
a rainbow tried
to hide you
the sea tried to
swallow me
For they were jealous
of the love
you showed

Still working on finding an audience for my art. The art may seem simple and silly. I’m trying to make a powerful message easier to swallow. I want people to think back to a time when love wasn’t complicated. When I was a kid loved seemed so simple to me. It was easy for me to communicate my thoughts. As I got older I made love more complex. I tried making it conform to a whole set of rules. I became very unhappy. When I let all that go love snuck up on me. Love needs to be talked about more. We need to spend time each day thinking how we can be more loving. My hope is my art will help start some discussions.

Draw a heart. Show love.