every morning love

Every morning I need your love

I need love more and more in my life. Without love I can feel the very fabric of life disintegrating around me. I once was content to being alone. Now I’m addicted to love. I’ve had some of the pure stuff. The love that gives you that goofy grin. Love that makes you believe in the human race. I had a rough day hauling the 4 kids around all by myself as we hit the black friday sales. Nothing like chasing a 3 year old around stores because He thought the new game was run and hide. SO feeling a little exhausted. It was nice to get a hug from the wife when I came home. She saw how beaten up I was and made me soup from last nights turkey. In the last two days I have enjoyed family and chased deals on stuff. I have found no matter how trying family can be it doesn’t compare to the soul sucking that comes from shopping for stuff. Stuff that may only be used once. I need to spend some time to night snuggling with the wife.

Draw a heart. Show love.