Eat healthy heart

I need to take better care of myself
I need to take better care of myself

I have to go the distance. I have very young kids. If I don’t start taking better care of myself I will not live long enough to see my youngest have kids. I want to be around when I have grandchildren. I love to eat candy. I love to eat ice cream a lot of the time that’s all I eat. Which is better than my dad. All he does is drink sodas and smoke. I am getting up there in years and need to eat healthier. I have to love myself enough to take care of myself. It’s important. I know my wife wants me around when we grow old. I have to start taking some baby steps in the right direction. I know one thing I am doing right. Drawing these hearts and trying to be more loving. Draw a heart tonight and think about being more loving as you go to bed. Then tomorrow we will all put that love in to action. Lets change the world by drawing hearts.

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