Rough day... Trying to hold in there

Rough day… Trying to hold in there

Today technology was not my friend. The computer, printer and cable modem decided to attack me. Well at least that is how it felt. I did spent 3 hours just trying to get a video posted to youtube. I couldn’t scan my art. So I couldn’t post tonight’s drawing. With the internet being down the kids were all over for me to fix it. I just don’t have patience for things that don’t work. I let my temper get the better of me. I still did a piece I liked. I did get to spend a nice Easter morning with friends. I enjoyed a little grilling. Had a little steak. Which I haven’t had in a while. I should be happy. I should let those things slide. In the end it means nothing. What I should be is more loving. Be a better example to my kids. If I could teach my kids one thing it would be how to handle their temper. Drawing my heart hopefully puts me back on track to being the loving person I need to be.