love songs, married, love

I don’t sing
I don’t know the damn lyrics
but when we lay together we know the beat
my god, do we know the beat

I hope to keep loving you every day like the day we got married. Let’s keep the passion flowing even when we are old and grey. I am very tired and just noticed the piece needed a little work. May have to retool the piece tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind doing this whole piece in shades of red. I don’t like the color scheme so much but I was trying to stay away from red. Gustav Klimt did incredible pieces representing love using gold. The gold watercolor I have looks more like sand than gold. If the figures were dark blue I think the color scheme would have worked better. That’s the best part about art I can create a piece and then rework it a hundred ways. Each one feeling different from the others.

Show love. Draw a heart.