love, heart

Drown me deep in your love.

I keep exploring what it means to be immersed in love. For someone married over 20 years this is a thought I keep returning to. My wife and I have survived being married longer than a lot of our friends which amazes me. So many of our friends had what I thought better marriages yet they ended in divorce. We aren’t a very mushy couple. Many people thought we won’t last very long. I don’t know why one marriage or relationship last longer than another. We have had some very rough times in our marriage. We try to resolve things quickly. I think one of the things we have done right is to not hide our true feelings. If we are mad we express ourselves. We haven’t let things brew for years. The only thing I can say is that if you stay married long enough the bad times are dwarfed by the passionate times. There are some great years were we drank each other in deeply.

Show love. Draw a heart.