family love

I helped create this crazy family.
And I am loving every minute.

I am thankful for my family. Which is hard right now since my two year old is keeping the other four kids up. It’s going to be a rough morning. I can already hear the complaints. Not mention the pleas to stay home. I need to be thankful for what I have¬†though it would be much easier to get upset. I didn’t sleep much last night. I was kept by angry thoughts.¬†It’s been a rough few months and I we will survive we always do. That doesn’t take away my fear. We have no plans over thanksgiving. We will stay home and annoy each other. This is a classic Scott tradition to not have any plans or get invited any where, Stay home and annoy each other. One year we should do something. Until then I will start singing made up songs. That always makes the kids annoyed.

Show love. Draw a heart.