country music, love song, christian

Ever since I met you it’s been sunshine, unicorns, rainbows & cupcakes. Oh, man singing country music is going to be so hard

I went a little crazy with this one. I was thinking how my life was before I found love. It was a very dark place. Now it hasn’t been all sunshine, unicorns, rainbows and cupcakes since I found love but it has been a whole lot better. My girls made fun of me for coloring the unicorns like horses. I told them they were tough boy unicorns. They also made fun of my cupcakes. I guess they are more swirl pattern now then a glob of frosting. It’s a very silly piece.

I am a big fan of country music but I think it gets a bum rap for being only sad drinking songs. Country is a lot bigger than that. It has every emotion that one can feel. I have seen Kenny Chesney. Love to see him again. Would love to see Little Big Town, Sam Hunt and Miranda Lambert to name just a few. I hit a creative stride today while I waited for my oldest daughters IEP meeting. I wrote down five pages of notes for the kids book I am working on. The meeting went well. She is really improving in school. I can’t wait to go get my registration renewed. I have put it off to the last minute.

Show love. Draw a heart.