I love the holiday's.

I love the holiday’s.

I have to do my heart drawing whether I am sick or tired. Or sick and tired of something. Today I am fighting a cold. I was planning on picking up a tree for the kids but I was to tired after fighting traffic. I just wanted to lay down. I couldn’t go to sleep at 7pm so I decided to do a Christmas tree drawing like when I was a little kid. I would get so crazy excited for Christmas day. I would go nuts ripping the paper of the presents. Then I would jump from furniture piece to furniture piece carrying my new toy like a conquering warrior. It’s hard to have that excitement when you are struggling to get by. I want to give my kids those memories of Christmas. This year we are lucky that family is helping with buying of the gifts. Its going to be I think their best Christmas yet. Well let’s hope that next year will be better.