love will save you

no matter how rough thw waters of life get love will save you

No matter how rough the waters of life get love will save you.

Tried drawing the human form tonight. It had to be quick. I didn’t have much time. It has a bunch of flaws.I still am happy with the drawing. I like working with watercolors. I wish I had more formal training. I make it up as I go. Though in the end doing a little art each night makes me happy. It rest my buzzing mind. Remember before you go to bed draw a heart. Show the world you care about love.


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Love and dancing

Love it makes you want to dance.

Love it makes you want to dance.

There are times I want to disappear and never be seen again. Love though draws you into the light. Love causes you to commune with other human beings. Love doesn’t want to you to sit in the dark by yourself. It’s built into our DNA to love one another so why do we fight it so much? Any goal of hate is short term. You sow hate and you will reap hate. In other words your hate will cause others to hate you. That hate will only implode on its self until all our gone. Love grows. Loves is way more powerful than hate. It is a force far greater than we know.

Care about love. Draw a heart.

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Love keeping from going over

Sometimes love is the only thing keeping me from going over the edge

Sometimes love is the only thing keeping me from going over the edge.

On those rough days one can look to love. Love is always there to hold us from going over the edge. I have to admit I can’t wait until the kids go on Christmas break. I won’t have so much running around to do. I want to spend a few days with them. Just hanging out playing games. A couple of days not worrying about anything but how much fun will we have. Care about love. Draw a heart.

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Love glimmers

no matter how dark the storm is love glimmers it's light unto us.

No matter how dark the storm is love glimmers it’s light unto us.

The dark clouds gather. The rain drives our head down. We feel the cold of the day cut into our bones. Though in a shallow pool love is there. Reflecting its light. We only have to take the time to see it. To let it warm are soul. To clear the driving rain away. No matter how bad the storm is know love is there. There will be sunshine again. Draw a heart. Think about beautiful glimmer of love as you drift off to sleep.

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Love Shine

I am going to let my love shine over this city.

I am going to let my love shine over this city.

My dream is to become a more loving person. Someone that you would go to a funeral for. I need to be a example to my kids. I need to be a more loving husband. I want my legacy to be love. Draw a heart and think about a loving legacy you can leave as you drift off to sleep.

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Night time love

My nightly ritual. First I put the kids to bed. I tell them that I love them them. Most nights I grab a beer. I drink it while I put down my base coat. I then use the stove burner to dry it. I don’t have a lot of time so I have to speed up the process. I then begin to put the details in. I then use the stove burner again or ave a little ice cream while I wait for it to dry. If I am not doing a water color I tend to search online for inspiration. I may also roll around of the ground hoping a idea comes to me. When the piece is done I take a picture and post it on Instagram. I then place it in the scanner. I then write words to go with the picture. If I have any time after this I watch a little cartoons. Any one that knows me knows I love cartoons. I will watch anything animated. Well that’s the ol’ nightly ritual. Draw a heart and think about love.

Love glows bright

Love glows bright

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Heart on sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve

I only have a couple more days that I am spending on advertisement for my website. I am thankful for every person that has checked out my blog. I am the kind of person that wears their heart on their sleeve. You can easily tell how I feel. I am not one to shy away from giving my opinion. Sometimes when I am talking i jump over people speaking. I don’t mean to annoy people but I get excited when I am talking about something I love. The bad part about wearing your heart is that when you are a bad mood it’s very bad. I swing from one side to the other. It’s either bright and sunny or it’s Mordor. These days I ty to be balanced. That is why I draw these hearts to ground me in love not my emotions.

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Buried love

oh, scanner you drive me crazy

oh, scanner you drive me crazy

My happiness should not be based on how many green lights I get through. My happiness should not be based on how much work I get. My happiness should not be based on how other perceive me. I have a lot still to grow. I wanted to send my mother a nice bouquet of flowers for mothers day. The company completely messed up the order. It won’t get there until tuesday. They blamed me for picking the wrong day. They couldn’t cancel or fix the problem until they are delivered 3 days from now. I guess it takes three days to deliver flowers. I want to get upset. I want to chew on that bit of anger all day but I let it go. My mom will still love me even if the flowers come late. If you bury love it looks like there is growth above ground but there is only death. Each time I draw a heart I dig up a heart i buried a long time ago.

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Winds of love

They are a blowing

They are a blowing

Love is in the air. Only a few more days until my anniversary. I will be married for twenty one years. The beginning of the year was rough. Things were a little tense. The funny thing is right now we are having a great time. Love is never easy. You have to put the wok in. We went for a walk this evening and it was one of those great family nights. Were everyone is getting along. We are happy. It’s in these moments that I know I have everything. I really am a blessed man. I know that tomorrow that could all change. I have to take it one day at a time. Enjoy it while I can. Worrying about it isn’t going to do a thing. The best thing I can do is not be stressed. Which I can easily do. These days I am happy that I am so busy drawing these hearts each day. It gets me out of my on head and puts the focus on love. Draw a heart, think about love.

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