Every morning

Every morning I need your love I need love more and more in my life. Without love I can feel the very fabric of life disintegrating around me. I once was content to being alone. Now I'm addicted to love. I've had some of the pure stuff. The love that gives you that [...]

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Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving day feast modern art Our Thanksgiving plans got canceled. We are scrambling to make something. We are not big eaters so Thanksgiving isn't a high priority for us. We don't get to many invites for Thanksgiving day. I understand we have 4 kids. We are a small army. We are a lot [...]

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The worldburnedas Ikissedyou With so much ugliness these days on Facebook it must have effected my subconscious. I dreamed last night the world came to an end. In my dream I only wanted to find my wife and kiss her. At least I am still thinking about love in those last moments. I [...]

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Dreams are a mess

my dreams are a messbutmyloveforyouissheerbliss Going to bed. Have a good night everyone. Draw a heart. Show love.

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A lot of love

All u need is loveand I have a lot Been listening to the a lot of Beatles music on their new Sirius radio station. Draw a heart. Show love.

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Unravel love

hey don'tunravelmy love Crazy night doing paper work. Was able to spend a moment focused on love. Enjoy. Draw a heart. Show love.  

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Tattoo on shoulder

You canafford myloveunlike thattattoo onyour shoulder Had some image uploading problems last night so I was unable to post. This is the image that came to my mind when listening to the song closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey. I love listening to new music in the car with the kids on the [...]

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Sun surf love

Sunsurflovewhat more doyou need?Nothing love, love, love how productive I have been lately. Really been on a roll. I am really knuckling down on projects. Planting some great seeds for 2017. Work. Work. Work is all I am doing. Well not really. I fell in love with a new cartoon. I love cartoons. [...]

Rogue one love

Hold me tight as the world crumbles around us. My two year old came into our bed at 4am sick. A couple of hours later he threw up in our bed. After cleaning the mess up with my wife I jumped in the shower. I was planning on seeing Star Wars Rogue One [...]

Once + love

HeartbreakerYou put the pain in my eyesI have to survive tonightto remember I love you in the morning Once is the last song on Maren Morris album Hero so this is my last drawing for this series. I love the creative process. I didn't't think I would finish tonights drawing. I lifted a [...]

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I wish + love

I can wishDreamPleadBut I'm not, I'm notthe onebecause you are lookingfor truelove This could have been my High School theme song. I could wish to be in love but I never was the one. Spent a lot of time in the friend zone liking girls I shouldn't have been chasing after. I am [...]

without you

The world without you has no color I miss my family. I'm tired. So much more work to do. The only reason I have the strength right now is your love. I can feel it across this great country. There's no distance that can stop us from loving each other. It's your love [...]

Stronger than the dawn

Our love is stronger than the morning dawn. Spent the day pitching to people about my exercise product. Gave a lot of energy. Didn't help that I got up at 3:00am. Not doing well with the time change. Missing my family. Only 3 more days to go. The time has really been flying. [...]

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Love your little smile

I love all your little smiles. I miss all of you. I am in los Angeles. This will be my first night away from my family. I am hoping to open some doors for my business. It's going to be a rough week for me. Show love. Draw a heart.

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Love buried deep

Where is your love? Buried deep deep in my heart its been a long long day. Moving sucks. Kids were good which was nice. I love how serious they were about packing.    

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