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Drive my heart

Drive my heart like it's 1999. Been depressed all day. I don't feel like I am living up to my potential. I want to do more. The bummer is my body is failing me. My hand has been in a splint all day. My hand hurts so bad it's keeping me awake. I've [...]

Love so deep.

Our love was is so deep it penetrates my dreams. So tired. So tired. Did I already write that. Well I am that tired. The alarm went off after I slept only a hour and a half. Couldn't get back to sleep. Would like to go to bed but loves work is never [...]

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No time for Pain

I have no time for pain only love. People got mad at me for buying to many groceries this morning. That is how I started my day. Now I have 4 kids and I like to feed them so that is my fault. What is not my fault is the store only has [...]

I will never give up on love

As long as there is blood pumping through my veins I will not give up on love. I will never give up on love. Shoot the wife made me dinner tonight. After 21 years the wife knows I am joking with her. It's funny though it's those small things that tell someone you [...]

knocks it out of the park

love at bat Sometimes love hits you so hard he knocks you clean out of the park. The power of love at first sight. That didn't happen for me. When I first meet my wife I only thought she was trouble. 21 years later I know my gut instinct was right. Just joking. [...]

Learning to show love

I need to do more of this. I need to show more love in my life to the people around me. I wanted the piece to have the element that it was done by someone in grade school. I wrote the words with my left hand. I wanted there to be a level [...]

so much to unpack

There is still so much in my heart that I have yet to open I am not a very open person when it comes to my heart. There are still things that I tell my wife after 20 plus years that she has never heard. I have so much in my heart that [...]

Night time love

My nightly ritual. First I put the kids to bed. I tell them that I love them them. Most nights I grab a beer. I drink it while I put down my base coat. I then use the stove burner to dry it. I don't have a lot of time so I have to speed [...]

Heart on sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve I only have a couple more days that I am spending on advertisement for my website. I am thankful for every person that has checked out my blog. I am the kind of person that wears their heart on their sleeve. You can easily tell how [...]

21 Hearts

21st wedding anniversary The kids are watching a movie so I thought I would get a post in before they went to bed. Today I have been married for 21 years. If I was to go back in time and tell myself about all the trials of being married I know what I [...]

Love’s flight

Love is headed to it's destination. When a plane is flying in the clear blue sky we have no perspective on how fast it is going. I was talking to a friend tonight about how love is a plane flying to a destination we have chosen. We have dreamed about that place. We [...]

Expect delays

Delays are the story of my life My wife and I could not have kids for the first ten years of our marriage. I paid a lot of money to find out what the problem could be. The doctors couldn't pin point anything. We decided we would never have kids. We started joking [...]

Buried love

oh, scanner you drive me crazy My happiness should not be based on how many green lights I get through. My happiness should not be based on how much work I get. My happiness should not be based on how other perceive me. I have a lot still to grow. I wanted to [...]

It spells love

Wouldn't it be great if every thing I wrote spelled love I am tired the baby kept me up last night. He has a couple of molars coming in. I danced for hours with my daughter tonight and the father daughter dance. She is growing up so fast. I was happy she still [...]

Winds of love

They are a blowing Love is in the air. Only a few more days until my anniversary. I will be married for twenty one years. The beginning of the year was rough. Things were a little tense. The funny thing is right now we are having a great time. Love is never easy. [...]