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Drive my heart

Drive my heart like it's 1999. Been depressed all day. I don't feel like I am living up to my potential. I want to do more. The bummer is my body is failing me. My hand has been in a splint all day. My hand hurts so bad it's keeping me awake. I've [...]

Love it can be a wild ride

A simple fun one for tonight. Massive headache. Not feeling well so I decided to do a simple drawing for tonight. Care about love. Draw a heart.

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Love keeping from going over

Sometimes love is the only thing keeping me from going over the edge. On those rough days one can look to love. Love is always there to hold us from going over the edge. I have to admit I can't wait until the kids go on Christmas break. I won't have so much [...]

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Love is electric

Love is so powerful it can travel through time. I took all the kids to target. I wanted to try and get out in less than a hour. I have to say that was a crazy goal. They built forts out of paper towels. They acted completely crazy. I got frustrated. It's amazing [...]

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parts of love

love makes up all parts of speech Computer is acting crazy. It took me 20 minutes to post on to facebook. My hard drive is full to the max. I have 480 megabytes left. It's running so slow you would think I had a bug. I now going to have to spend time [...]

Open doors of heart

passion poured out of my heart Finished my piece early tonight. I want to watch a movie with the wife. It's been a good day in spite of a roaring headache. When I woke up this morning it felt someone was deep frying my brain. I think it had to do with me [...]

Love’s flight

Love is headed to it's destination. When a plane is flying in the clear blue sky we have no perspective on how fast it is going. I was talking to a friend tonight about how love is a plane flying to a destination we have chosen. We have dreamed about that place. We [...]

Buried love

oh, scanner you drive me crazy My happiness should not be based on how many green lights I get through. My happiness should not be based on how much work I get. My happiness should not be based on how other perceive me. I have a lot still to grow. I wanted to [...]

It spells love

Wouldn't it be great if every thing I wrote spelled love I am tired the baby kept me up last night. He has a couple of molars coming in. I danced for hours with my daughter tonight and the father daughter dance. She is growing up so fast. I was happy she still [...]

love is always having to put me back together

fighting depression I am tired. My youngest kid is teething. He is getting up through the night no matter what we do. When I get tired I don't do a lot of work. When I don't do a lot of work I get a depressed. I base a lot of my happiness on [...]

Winds of love

They are a blowing Love is in the air. Only a few more days until my anniversary. I will be married for twenty one years. The beginning of the year was rough. Things were a little tense. The funny thing is right now we are having a great time. Love is never easy. [...]

Can you see love

Today I see it Last night I had restless sleep. I kept having the same bad dream over and over. I am exhausted today. I started drawing hearts on a page and it led to this. I like it. The gift shop sign is my favorite. I should of colored it in. I [...]

I heart pizza

using the pizza box to draw the pizza on Today was one of those crazy relaxing days that I spent running around more than when I am working. It was from one thing to the next. I also promised my son that he could stay up later if he helped me out. That [...]

Invest in love not things

Today I decided Today was one of those mixed bag days. I went out to the car and there was a puddle of motor oil. I guess the oil plug failed after my recent only change. Thing is the guys that did the oil change fixed it for free. I ran into a [...]

So love…

Love for the whole planet I was thinking of love at a job interview. Love isn't more scarce than it was in the past. Love isn't cowering in the corner. Love is here. Love is with us every single day. Don't count love out. You can try to stomp it down but it [...]