Love healing

love healing life's bruises It's Sunday and I need to spend time with the family. Glad I got today's Inktober drawing done. I made it through the whole month last year and I hope to do it again. Show love. Draw a heart.

Love Halloween

Los Angeles loves Halloween and so do we. Had a blast today with the kids.

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storybook love

our love was right out of a story book. Today was non stop. I had an event at the kids school. The annual Halloween parade. Then we all jumped into the car and headed to Comikaze Expo. We had fun. We also ran around a lot. We barely had time to go the [...]

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Love can weather

Is there any storm that love can't weather? Love can weather any storm that comes it's way. The problem is we choose so many times to jump ship. Instead of trusting love we jump ship and swim for the shore. How often have we capsized the boat thinking we were in control? This [...]

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Love doesn’t need words

There were no words only love as we held each other. One of my teeth cracked today on a organic meal replacement bar. I was able to get into see a dentist. I was very lucky to get it fixed today. It took a lot out of me though. I need to relax. [...]

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love isn’t scary

Give love a try this week you just may like it. I have been very tired lately. I think it's all the sleep I am getting. I have been so use to little sleep. I think my body is trying to catch up. The nice thing is I haven't been having any headaches. [...]

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Love calls

I must've called a thousand times. To tell you I love you.

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Love always rises

Like the morning sun love will always rise. I enjoyed a episode of, The man in the high castle. Amazon has a hit on their hands. They must of spent a fortune on the show. I like how it's love that protects the secret. People always under estimate love yet in the end [...]

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Today I learned to love

I wish today was the day I learned to love. Today I just want to give in. I don't want to think about love. I don't want to draw about love. I have done over 500 heart drawings and I feel like I am going backwards today. I couldn't seem to maintain my [...]

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Solar system of love

The universe is full of love. You just have to reach out and grab it. Headed out to a party. Spent the day helping out at the kids school. It's going to be nice to unwind with some adults. Draw a heart. Think about love as you drive around this weekend.

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Love in the moment

She stopped eating her cereal and asked what I was staring at? I told her the love of my life. Then she smiled. This caused my heart to burst. It's those small moments in the day that mean everything. Tell the person you love that they make you crazy with love. That even [...]

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Hearty Mcfly

Love Back to the future movies. Love is the greatest reason to time travel. Would you time travel for love? You could mess up the present. I know I wouldn't time travel. I would worry that I would effect the time line and I wouldn't have my four great kids. I love each [...]

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Storm my heart

No amount of battlements were going to stop her from freeing my heart to love.

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No monsters

Don't let your heart be a breeding ground for monsters. Let love and compassion rule your heart. It is so easy to allow anger into our hearts. Anger is the seed that grows the monster. The monster soon invites friends. The will tear up all the nice things in out heart. Soon there [...]

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Love never misses

Love's arrow pierces the heart deeply. It's a wound you will never heal from. It was great spending time with the family today. Love spending quality time with them. I couldn't think off what to draw tonight. It's simple but true. I have never recovered from love's arrow. It's a wound I will [...]

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