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Love seeks

When one seeks love they will find the meaning of life. Barely got this one done tonight. Wrapping and setting up presents for 4 kids takes a lot of time. I am glad I was able to give the kids a good Christmas. Care about love. Draw a heart.

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stop working

time to start living the dream I am so close to making this happen. Every day I work so hard to be able to one day live my dream. Which is still work but it's work I enjoy. It's work I dream about and to me that isn't really work. I may be [...]

Gorey heart

Love reading Edward Gorey books with the kids I recently discovered Edward Gorey books. I have been reading them with the kids. It reminds me of books I would see at the Adams family's home. They make us laugh. We have a sick sense of humor. I think that is one thing all [...]

365 love posts

1 year mark. Yeah! Have I become a more loving person after drawing hearts for a year and writing about love. I think I have become a little more loving. I have a long way to go. I am proud I stick with it. There were many nights I didn't want to do [...]

Expect delays

Delays are the story of my life My wife and I could not have kids for the first ten years of our marriage. I paid a lot of money to find out what the problem could be. The doctors couldn't pin point anything. We decided we would never have kids. We started joking [...]

Can you see love

Today I see it Last night I had restless sleep. I kept having the same bad dream over and over. I am exhausted today. I started drawing hearts on a page and it led to this. I like it. The gift shop sign is my favorite. I should of colored it in. I [...]

Pssst, love is every where!

Every day if you look for it. Love is there. I loved Richard Scarry books when I was a kid. I like the crazy energy of this picture. (though I don't have his talent) I just have to keep practicing.  Today I was at the park with my kids trying to get pictures [...]

I heart pizza

using the pizza box to draw the pizza on Today was one of those crazy relaxing days that I spent running around more than when I am working. It was from one thing to the next. I also promised my son that he could stay up later if he helped me out. That [...]

ocean in my heart

I have a ocean in my heart I like to lay by. Crazy tired. Working in the hot sun will do that to you. I just want to go to bed. I still had to draw my heart. I need to go lay by the ocean tomorrow and enjoy some sweet rays.

no amount of tears

love can't be washed away This is when you hit bottom and there seems to be no future. I wanted you to know there is love at that moment for you. You can't see it but it's there. I am telling to to strive on. You will find down the road so much [...]

Invest in love not things

Today I decided Today was one of those mixed bag days. I went out to the car and there was a puddle of motor oil. I guess the oil plug failed after my recent only change. Thing is the guys that did the oil change fixed it for free. I ran into a [...]

So love…

Love for the whole planet I was thinking of love at a job interview. Love isn't more scarce than it was in the past. Love isn't cowering in the corner. Love is here. Love is with us every single day. Don't count love out. You can try to stomp it down but it [...]

Dreaming of love

day and night I have my thoughts on love I wish the love in my heart grew while I slept. I would sleep the day away if that was the case. I would love to have my thoughts on love day and night. I try to be honest. I try to be loving. [...]

Flag for love

trying my hardest to fly that flag tonight Had a great lunch today. Met so great new people. Came home to sink backing up. I have been bailing it out for most of the night. I keep having hard drive problems. So my son is complaining that the computer is working right. He [...]

break glass when love is needed

I know I need love You have people in this world stealing aid from poor people. In my opinion it takes a special kind of evil to rob from poor people. Billions of dollars going to make people richer instead of giving needy people clean water and food. Wouldn't it be great if [...]