Ninja love

We love each other more than Ninjas love throwing stars. Sunday is family fun day. We had fun running errands this Sunday. My youngest son finished collecting all the little lego minifies from the Lego Batman movie. It was a fun day. Even got free cupcakes  when we stopped into Walmart. Going to [...]

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Big money

When i get rich its allbuy more toysbuy lots of candyand a whole hell of a lot of date nights with you This comes up my life. I am just a big kid that has a wife. I would spend so much on toys and candy. Though I would never forget my baby. [...]

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broken glasses

I wanted to draw a cool picture to show you how much I loved you but my glasses broke. I'm now blind.I glad I can still feel love Going to bed before something else bad happens. Show love. Draw a heart.

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Spread love

lets spread love across this big blue ball Very tired. My littlest one has been having night terrors all week. I have barely slept 3 hours a night. Need to go to bed Show love. Draw a heart.

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Women love

WomenI love more than your bodyI love your heartI love your soulHell, I love every molecule of you. I used gold to show how valuable women are. I then took a simple line to show form. Then I added notes about how wonderful women are. Love each other. SO respect for your fellow [...]

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In between pain

I'm catching a glimpse of love in between all the pain I have been depressed a lot lately. I had to work some things out in my heart before I could move forward. This has been the most humbling time in my whole life. I am so tired of fighting people that don't [...]

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Pictures of love

If I told you I was taking pictures of love all day what would you see? I am sore from todays activities. Need to hit the hay. Show love. Draw a heart

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Crushed flowers

I am still a garden even though all my flowers have been crushed Spent time with the family. Did a little art work. Went and saw Logan. Loved every minute off it. Bought a trailer to live in. I will need to fix it up. It was a good deal. Had a little [...]

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Straight to your heart

Your eyes took me straight to your heart. Had to quit one job to take another. Even though I have quit a few jobs its never easy. I always want to make people happy. They weren't happy I quit. I had to though the other job had only a few hours and paid [...]

Only love today

I am only doing one thing today. Love. I wish love was the only thing I did today. I am still getting use to doing construction again. Body is a little sore. I had to run to the grocery store. Then after I got home I found out the cat and lizard didn't [...]

Some houses

Some houses need repair.Some houses are full of pain.Some houses are falling down. Some houses are full of love.I want to live over there.(once I finish leasing this house of pain) I want to live in a house full of love the bummer is I am currently leasing a house of pain. I [...]

Stolen heart

She came once more in the middle of the night and stole my heart I talk a lot. One thing about people that talk a lot is we know when nobody wants to hear what you are saying. People right now don't want to hear what I have to say. So I am [...]

Monsters eating heart

Monsters eat my heart when you are not around. A long frustrating day that ends up being uneventful. I'm failing at failing. These days I feel life I am only sliding backwards. I hope to catch a break at some point. At least I will keep disappointing people. Don't have to worry about [...]

Dear Hate

Dear Hate,Hey in case you weren't aware of the bridge I burnt I'm mailed you the ashes Sunday is spend time with family day. Trying to keep it together each day. Going through some rough times. Was able to buy toilet paper so things are looking up. Enjoy the ones you love they [...]

Moment to say sorry

It onlytakes amomentin the darkto saysorry It's been a long day. It started with one simple mistake and kept building from there. I am close to crying. I have reached the end of my rope. I am trying to do this blog while my wife tries to get our three year old to [...]