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Spread love

lets spread love across this big blue ball Very tired. My littlest one has been having night terrors all week. I have barely slept 3 hours a night. Need to go to bed Show love. Draw a heart.

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Straight to your heart

Your eyes took me straight to your heart. Had to quit one job to take another. Even though I have quit a few jobs its never easy. I always want to make people happy. They weren't happy I quit. I had to though the other job had only a few hours and paid [...]

Only love today

I am only doing one thing today. Love. I wish love was the only thing I did today. I am still getting use to doing construction again. Body is a little sore. I had to run to the grocery store. Then after I got home I found out the cat and lizard didn't [...]

Some houses

Some houses need repair.Some houses are full of pain.Some houses are falling down. Some houses are full of love.I want to live over there.(once I finish leasing this house of pain) I want to live in a house full of love the bummer is I am currently leasing a house of pain. I [...]

Stolen heart

She came once more in the middle of the night and stole my heart I talk a lot. One thing about people that talk a lot is we know when nobody wants to hear what you are saying. People right now don't want to hear what I have to say. So I am [...]

Monsters eating heart

Monsters eat my heart when you are not around. A long frustrating day that ends up being uneventful. I'm failing at failing. These days I feel life I am only sliding backwards. I hope to catch a break at some point. At least I will keep disappointing people. Don't have to worry about [...]

Dear Hate

Dear Hate,Hey in case you weren't aware of the bridge I burnt I'm mailed you the ashes Sunday is spend time with family day. Trying to keep it together each day. Going through some rough times. Was able to buy toilet paper so things are looking up. Enjoy the ones you love they [...]

Moment to say sorry

It onlytakes amomentin the darkto saysorry It's been a long day. It started with one simple mistake and kept building from there. I am close to crying. I have reached the end of my rope. I am trying to do this blog while my wife tries to get our three year old to [...]

Praying for cars & money

Baby why are we praying for cars and money when all we want is love? When you are up against a financial wall its easy to want and pray for money. The problem is when its all you care about. In the end it could cost you more ending that relationship than if [...]

Complicated love

ourloveis complicatedbutthat doesn'tstop mefrom doingbad thingstoyou Lift. Lift. Work. Work. It was one of those days were there was no time for breaks. Didn't have lunch. Mouth felt like cotton do to lack of water. Now I am trying to think about being a loving husband. I will be married 23 years in [...]

Love the best place

LoveStill the best placeto live Been a long day. Selling little bits of my soul until there's nothing left. Even though I am feeling depressed I was inspired by the netflix series Abstract. It made me want to do more art. I thought of this piece last night as I was watching an [...]

Tired of begging

After I grew tiredof beggingI sat aloneuntil I faded away Sad to say this could be my last piece. I have to focus time on my family right now. I wish this blog got more views but right now I get very few people checking out my work. I put a lot of [...]

Stars shine brighter

Remember worldin the darknessthe stars shineBrighter So bust today i posted something on Instagram and am to busy to see in anyone like it. I wish it was for fun reason but no just work. Plus tired. Haven't been sleeping well again. Need to get some sleep. My kids did make me laugh [...]

I fight through

I fight throughthe painthe miserythe broken dreamsnothing is going to stop mefrom your love Everyday can be a struggle to live when you suffer from chronic pain but it's never been a struggle to love you. Time to spend some time with the wife. Keep loving each other everyone. Show love. Draw a [...]

Drawing lines

We need to stop drawing lines and start handing out hugs. Dying from a headache. I've had my head over a pot of simmering water for over an hour. I call these boiling my head. It's old school but it works. When it's really bad I apply a ice compress to my head. [...]