carrie fisher, love, star wars

the force is with you
you are part of the force
you will be loved forever

I grew up watching Star Wars. I first saw Star Wars A New Hope in Hawaii. The line wrapped around the theater three times. My dad handed me the money for the ticket and said enjoy. He wasn’t waiting in a line that long. It was magically. It was the first time I thought there could be other worlds. I collected as many figures as I could from the movie. At one time I had over a hundred. I cocooned myself in Star Wars lore. I made up my own stories. My imagination became strong in those years. It was the foundation for all the work I would do later in life. I would have loved to have worked with her. I most likely would have gushed like the school boy who fell in love with her from the seventies. I think she was the beginning of Princesses in cinema taking care of themselves. She was tough yet she loved. And no scruffy-looking Nerf herder was going to get in her way of a job that needed to be done. You have gone on to be part of the force. We will love you forever Carrie Fisher.

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