butterflies love

Making love to you is a field of butterflies

Slept a few hours. Got called from the school for both daughters. One because they thought we weren’t giving her a lunch each day. I told them she is in the lunch program. Turns out she just wants to hang out with her friends. The other had a melt down at school. Wouldn’t go into class. Not a happy camper right now. My thumb hurts so bad I want to cut it off. My other arm is killing me. I can barley tie my shoelaces. I feel like I’m in a downward spiral. I have no friends here. I would be all alone if it wasn’t for my family. Christmas is around the corner. It’s going to be a sad little Christmas. The wind is howling outside. If it’s the big bad wolf outside that would make sense. It feels like my house is about to cave in. I have to get my mind together. I’m stuck in a dog chasing it’s tail mode right now. I have brief moments that I can see clear. Doing this blog each day helps. It makes me focus on doing art. On doing something outside of myself. Most important it keeps me grounded to what is important. Love is important at the end of the day. On a very positive note my fiction writing has been the best it’s ever been. 2017 could really be my year.

Show love. Draw a heart.