against all odds, we're the big door prize

against all odds, we’re the big door prize.

Went to John Prine concert on friday and the song,”In spite of ourselves” got me thinking. When I first noticed my future wife all my friends said you crazy. They definitely thought I was  thinking of the wrong girl. She was a wild crazy punk rock girl I was a conservative out to change the world through social change. We may not have been compatible in any way but she listened to the words I said. She was the first person I think ever really paid attention to who I was. She made me feel special in every way. Over time I have become the crazy one. She is now the voice of reason in the family. It’s still hard to believe that we have been married 22 years. Not to say we didn’t have our challenges but we got through them. I hope we can continue to get through the tough times in life together. I have high hopes. She still hears the words my heart speaks. She still fully charges with me into every dream no matter how many have failed. I will continue to learn so much about being loving from her every single day.

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