This is what without you means

This is what without you means.

Today I woke up. Then I changed my trucks headlight bulbs.  Cleaned the headlight covers. Ran to meet someone for a delivery. Got back grabbed my son. We raced to get a new desk. Plus six storage cubes. Then fought traffic like a manic to make it to his music lesson. Got home. Put the stuff together. Forgot to eat lunch. Then took every one to the store for grocery shopping. Then once again home. Broke done the stuff to throw away. Cleaned. Got the kids ready for bed. It was non stop all day. I did all these things because I love my family more than anything. Yet I was cranky. I was at times a down right bear. I need to slow a day like this day down to say I love you. To be happy I am doing these things. Happy that I can do anything. If I forget the reason I am doing something and only do it to get it done. I may just end up alone and blue. I have to remember love is the most important thing. Without it this world is a horrible place to be alone. Draw a heart. Think about love.