Do you want to enjoy life to the fullest? What could be more fulfilling than a life full of love? Love changed my life for the better and it can change yours. There’s terrible stuff happening in the world but love can do amazing things. Love is so awesome that it takes all that terrible stuff and changes it into something good. I am here to tell you without love my life would be lost. Now love can be an incredible foundation for reaching for your dreams. Love keeps changing me. Love keeps giving me goals. Love can help you. Here’s how we are going to take 2017 by storm with the power of love.

  1. We are going to have a love goal. (that could be you want to lose weight so you are going to start loving yourself. When you love yourself you will treat your body better. You will want to put the best food inside it as possible.)
  2. We are going to announce it to the world. (experts say this helps us achieve a goal)
  3. We will set milestone markers. (each week draw a picture of something you love to do. Then begin to make that a reality.)

You may ask how love changed my life? Well let me tell you.

  1. After years of being alone and depressed I found love and got married. I have been married 22 years. I have four loving kids that keep me striving to provide a better life for them.
  2. I love to pretend. I have appeared in on a number of tv shows. Recently the whole family auditioned in New York City for a national commercial. I even took my nephew for his first audition.
  3. I love telling stories. Writing down those stories when you are dyslexic can be a tough mountain to overcome. Yet I have co-written over seven screenplays. I even did a few solo works. This year I want to  finish a novel.
  4. I love art. So 2 1/2 years ago I started a blog called were each day I would draw a picture about love. Calling those first pieces of work rough would be an understatement. I kept working to improve. These days I am happy with the work I am making. I want to keep making art this is why I started this gofundme campaign.

If you sign up to receive an email each week I will send you a personal email to see if you are keeping to your goals. As a daily reminder I will do a piece of art work each day to keep us focused on what is important. 2017 will be transformed by our loving actions. We can all do this.

Draw a heart is a website dedicated to drawing a heart each day.  We can make the world a little brighter and more loving.  My life changed when I had kids. Each day I strive to be a more loving person. Please join me in this adventure.