80's mercedes

Our 90’s love
took us all the way
to the moon
and back
in our 80’s Mercedes

This one wasn’t easy based on the song lyrics. It’s a party song. Draw a heart is about love. When I am stuck trying to figure something out I soak in the tub. Ideas seem to pop up faster than bubble bath. It’s a spot I can shut down my active brain. As I lay there my subconscious is going to town were I left off. It is completing the journey for me. Now you don’t have to take a bath. Taking a walk is a big one to get the ol creative juices flowing. Find what works for you when you get stuck creatively.

Spent the last couple of days at the park with the family. It has been a great bonding time with my oldest son. We have being playing Pokemon go. We have frozen our buts off trying to catch Pokemon. It has be worth every shiver. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. I have felt relaxed in a long time. Enjoy every minute of time with your family that you can.

Show love. Draw a heart.


80’s Mercedes sketch
This was one original idea for the piece when listening to the sons