4am, love, heartbreak

It’s 4am
and cold
yet I can’t stop
thinking about


The pendulum is swinging. I have gone from happy to sad. The world can be very cold. I think I expect to much. Then I am let down when things don’t live up to that expectation. It isn’t right for me to predetermine that out come. I’m struggling to get by these days. I feel not only the weight of the world but the weight of my family. I feel like I’ve only become a burden on them. No one has said this. It’s all in my head. Last year I had no idea how we would make it through the year. Yet we did. This year I feel the same. It will all work out. I just wish I could get a little encouragement. I thinkI have done some fun work. Does the world need to be reminded of love everyday? I think so. Please if you check out my blog on a regular basis check out my gofundme campaign. I really need the help. Share with your friends if you can’t give.

Show love. Draw a heart.