24 color heart

used the whole box of crayons
used the whole box of crayons

Today I went from one task to the next. I fixed my espresso machine. It took me a good half hour before I realized the part I ordered wasn’t the same as the original. I had to find a small saw to cut out a little piece. I am going on record you never know what you will use a pumpkin carving kit for but it will help fix a espresso machine. I fix the faucet in the kitchen. had to run to the hardware store to get some parts and tools. I didn’t know what I was going to do tonight then I decided to use every single crayon I had in the box. I have to say all the colors go together. You never know what is going to work until you open your mind to the possibility. Remember it’s not how you draw the heart. Its how much love you fill it with.

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