happy new year 2017

From the broken pieces of 2016 a new year for love will be born.

The girls are giggling like crazy in the other room. My two sons are having a pillow fight. I’m just rolling with it because in a few hours 2016 will be over. 2016 was a tough year for me. Well it was tough for the whole family. Some good did come from it. One thing is I’m not giving up on dreams. Realized that Los Angeles is my my home. For all my complaining I prefer to live in a city. When the chips are down I still have friends that will help. I have people that love me no matter the distance. We grew stronger as a family. Not that there wasn’t some rough stuff to get over. We have always had each other. We are a small little wagon train. When the crap hits the fan we circle around each other. We survive. I have some fun projects coming up.

The best news is we get an opportunity to audition for a national commercial as a family. It would be a life changing project for us. We are going to New York city for the audition. Which is awesome. The kids and wife have never been. I haven’t been there for thirty years. Wow that shows my age. I remember bartering with a guy in Macy’s over some watch. It was a crazy time back then. A group of us thought we saw Christina Applegate. We chased some poor girl all over the city until she lost us in the subway. I wonder what we were thinking. We had no plan. Just a bunch of young idiots. I am going to post my gofundme project tomorrow for this website. I need to raise money for art supplies and server fees. I will keep pushing forward. The thing I am most excited about is a novel I’m working on. The idea has been rolling around in my head for years. I have put a bunch of work into it lately. My goal is to get published in 2017. THere’s a bunch more stuff I have been working on but going to finish one at a time. 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for the Scott family. May your love shine so bright this year the whole world can see it.

Show love. Draw a heart.