You keep this ol’ heart from growing cold


You keep this ol’ heart from growing cold

It’s been awhile since I posted any art. I have been busy writing. Not to mention trying to keep up with my four kids. We are starting to gear up for our move back to Los Angeles. Which isn’t easy when you have 4 kids, 2 cats and a lizard. Imagine all the work it takes getting a circus moving. We have really missed the weather and our old friends.. It’s been a cold winter here on the east coast. I hope this will be our last winter. I don’t really need to see snow again. One of the nice things I have been doing is reading again. I’m really trying to make money with my art. It hasn’t been easy.

I’m really thankful for any one that checks out my art. My goal is to send out a positive message. I need to focus on the writing aspect of my blog. I can ramble on. I am working on adding material that will be helpful in people’s lives.

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Deep in the depths

love art

Deep in the depths
under it all
our love flourished

I have been posting art with the theme of love for over three years. In all that time I haven’t had one piece get more than fifty likes. I keep spending money. I’ve redesigned my website three times. Its do for another overhaul. I don’t really like this layout. I buy more and more art supplies. I bought watercolor paints instead of a winter jacket. I’m planning on taking an art class online this year to improve my skills. With so little attention you may ask why do I keep doing it. Well I believe in the power of love. If one of my pieces get a person to think about love than its been worth it. We can never have to much love in this world. So I will keep making pieces.

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Sharing rubble

end of the world art

When the world ends
I’m glad we will be
sharing a pile of rubble together

Got a lot done today. Helped my dad clear out his garage so he can put a model A car inside. He is so happy that he is going to restore an old car. I hope that my son and I will be able to help him out some before we leave. The wife looks to be sick. It’s going to be  long night.

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Only bet on love

I only bet on

I only bet on love

looking forward to a morning I don’t have to get up early. I over slept this morning. I only do that when I’m sick. Every muscle in my body hurt today. That didn’t stop me from getting up. I had to get the kids ready for school. I had to make money to pay for bills. When I came home it was snowing. We slide into the driveway. Lucky no accident. When I got inside my 3 year old reminded me I promised him a hamburger if he was good. I didn’t want to go out. Yet I did. That is what love does. Now I hope they let me sleep in.

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Me you sandwich

sandwich art

I love the
Me you sandwich

It should be you me sandwich but I like the sound of me you sandwich better. I haven’t been feeling well lately. Really tired. I was mudding a wall today and the pan felt so heavy. I don’t know if it’s a lack of sleep. The hose to our RV froze last night. I woke up to no water. It had dropped below freezing last night and our hose hook up cost 230 dollars is suppose to heat up when it gets cold. It shouldn’t freeze unless its 45 below zero. Well it can’t work if the outlet its hooked up to dies. Which is what happened. I got a new GFI outlet at work today. Will replace tomorrow. Not a big fan of the cold. I can’t wait to get back to Southern California.

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Always jumping

love art

We were always jumping in the air.
we never knew why.
Until you landed in my arms.

Running a little late today. Last night everyone in the family was up in the middle of the night. My wife got up to the kids eating waffles. Everyone was in a good mood despite the hour. I knew though in the morning the kids would be cranky about getting up for school. They weren’t to bad. Christmas is around the corner. I have no idea how we will make it. We don’t have a tree. When you downsize your life it’s hard to fit a Christmas tree in it. We will hardly have room for the presents. At least we have a roof over our head. Things are tough but we are getting by. I have good feelings about next year. I really plan to get my book done by the end of the holidays.

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2021-07-03T14:50:33-08:30December 12th, 2017|

Writing love stories

love stories art

we spent all day writing love stories
then we would spend all night living them

I consider this piece a work in progress. I had a rough day. My stomach has been going crazy. I pray I don’t have the stomach flu. My three year old just spent two days throwing up. I am not looking forward to two days of hanging with a bucket. Need to get some sleep.

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Every single day

love poem art

the sun punched the moon
the stars tried to
crush me
a rainbow tried
to hide you
the sea tried to
swallow me
For they were jealous
of the love
you showed

Still working on finding an audience for my art. The art may seem simple and silly. I’m trying to make a powerful message easier to swallow. I want people to think back to a time when love wasn’t complicated. When I was a kid loved seemed so simple to me. It was easy for me to communicate my thoughts. As I got older I made love more complex. I tried making it conform to a whole set of rules. I became very unhappy. When I let all that go love snuck up on me. Love needs to be talked about more. We need to spend time each day thinking how we can be more loving. My hope is my art will help start some discussions.

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2021-07-03T14:50:33-08:30December 10th, 2017|

All Romeo and Juliet

love art

I don’t mean to get all Romeo and Juliet on you but I die every time you leave

Was a tough tough day. It felt like my brain was on fire. It was so bad I almost threw up a bunch of times. I was cranky most of the day. I did veg out on Sword art online. Loved it. It’s really cold today. The kids kept coming in and all day from making snowmen. It was the first snow of the season and they got a little crazy. I wish I could have enjoyed the day with them. I have to go buy another heater for the house. Most of the snow may melt but afternoon. Told the wife that the kids will have a delay going to school on Monday. I can feel it in my bones. School delays mess up are whole day. Ok need to go lay down.

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